We provide consulting, design, development, and delivery of all your eLearning needs.  We use rapid eLearning development tools and our own in-house recording studio to create vibrant, intelligent and unique learning experiences. We are able to help you solve problems and fill gaps with:

Virtual Classroom Training (VCT) is a popular alternative to traditional classroom training. It is instructor-led training conducted over the internet. 
Whether using Webex Training Center, Adobe Connect, Blackboard Collaborate or any other VCT interface tool, we can help you with design, development, production, facilitation and coaching.
Because we record, edit and mix our own voice-overs in-house, we can be fast, efficient and affordable. And we can make changes and updates quickly. We have our own recording studios and use professional RODES nt1 Microphones and Cakewalk’s SONAR Producer software.
Web-based Training programs are self-paced and available to your learners anytime and anywhere. Mobile learning adapts your programs to air over mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

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Web/Mobile Enabled Learning

Virtual Classroom Training

Microlearning is the concept of presenting content that is chunked into short targeted learning units. This could be an explainer video, an interactive infographic and/or small Web-based events that, when blended, comprise a much bigger program. YouTube videos are great examples of microlearning.


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Explainer Videos usually take 3-5 minutes and typically introduce a new product, policy, concept, or organizational structure. It typically answers a few fundamental questions: What’s the problem? How will it be solved? Why should I care? and What should I do next? Explainer videos are usually more casual and have a light airy vibe.

Explainer Videos